SubSudio Mail, Chat & Messaging

Unseen brings both consumers and businesses alike strong, secure and private communication solutions. Everyone needs to be able to hear the truth so that they can make inteligent and well informed choices for their future. If your communications aren't secure, they could be monitored, blocked or changed without you even knowing it. That is not good for anyone!

SubSudio YourSpace

RUON AI is a very highly sophisticated, next generation, Artificial Intelligence social media, chat, mobile banking application incorporating it's own digital currency built on the revolutionary new space-based blockchain SovereignSky. 'Ditch the Darkside' and join the Ruon Revolution today...

SubSudio Search

SubSudio is the very latest AI Search Engine for the brand new alternate internet; running on it's own unique IntraSubsNet protocol to deliver you the very best and unadulterated search results possible. SubSudio guarantee that they will never allow pay-per-click advertising and ALL search results are always based solely on the individual merits of each site included in its search engine and their relevance to what a user is searching for.

SubSudio Multiverse

UHIVE is a new and very innovative social network platform, aiming to create a positive, creative and noble Idea that will spark a social movement. Connect with your friends and family, find your interests and explore 'Civilized World'. Alternatively, stay completely anonymous and live an exciting and liberating experience on 'Grey World'. With UHIVE the choice is ultimately yours.

SubSudio UnBanked

Get UnBanked with who are leading the way to accelerate the world's transition from conventional banking and into the new digital-age of cryptocurrency. Finally you can earn good interest on your savings, profit from their auto-trading accounts and take full advantage of their global payment cards. Use the following bonus code to claim your $50.00 starter bonus (terms & conditions apply): 7btnz91qrx

SubSudio Trader

Start trading cryptocurrencies with the KuCoin the Singapore-based Cryptocurrency Exchange’s phone app. where you can also purchase cryptocurrencies using your debit or credit card. KuCoin, also known as “The People's Exchange”, first launched in September 2017 with the goal of providing users with digital asset transactions and exchange services which are both convenient and exceptionally secure. They now host a fully-featured spot trading platform which now offers more than 350 different trading pairs.

SubSudio Browser

Browse smarter with BitTube the revolutionary new browser that respects your time and rewards your attention. BitTube reshapes how web monetisation should work. Browse privately, ad free, and support every publisher you visit. Your time powers the new attention economy without compromise.

SubSudio Privacy Grid

The SubSudio Privacy Grid utilises ColossusXT which is a lightning fast, stealth anonymous blockchain with its own built in masternode governance system. It's a very secure, privacy-centric, cryptocurrency for the everyday user; utilising the very latest ARMIS Invisible Internet Project (I2P) protocol to ensure absolute anonymity. It also hosts a decentralised grid computing framework for its a decentralised marketplace.